How to Build a Utility Trailer Part 1 Introduction and Materials

This is part 1 in a series of step by step instructions on how to build a utility trailer. In this video I explain what we will be building and showing some of the steel we will be using to build this trailer.



How to Build a Utility Trailer Part 2 Cutting, Squaring and Tack Welding

This video is part 2 of a step by step series of building a trailer from scratch. I go over some of the steel cutting tips and how to properly square up the trailer frame. I also explain where to place the tack welds so everything works out like it should in the end for a properly dimensioned and square utility trailer.



How to Build a Utility Trailer Part 3 Axle Location and Axle Assembly

In this video I cover how to correctly locate the axle on the trailer frame. I also give a detailed step by step account of packing wheel bearings and mounting the hubs to the axle as well as mounting the springs and u-bolts. This will complete the full trailer axle assembly.



How to build a Utility Trailer Part 4 Mounting Axle, Springs, Shackles, and Crossmembers

In this video part 4, I discuss proper axle mounting by carefully measuring out the shackle placement. I also go into the rear shackle placement to be sure you get good spring travel under load. This is all followed up with a few tips about adding the rest of the cross-members.



How to Build a Utility Trailer Part 5 Installing the Hitch and Welding the Frame

Part 5 of this series deals with building and installing the trailer hitch and coupler to the frame. Once this is done it’s time to weld everything that we’ve tacked up so far.



How to Build a Utility Trailer Part 6 Installing Top Rail Framing and Fender Thoughts

In part 6 of this very detailed trailer build, we are installing the top frame rail structure and you will see how much strength this will give the trailer overall. I also give my thoughts on what kind of fenders to use and how to allow for them in the building process. I also discuss how a simple ratchet strap can be used as a tool in straightening the rails for welding.



How to Build a Utility Trailer Part 7 Mounting Fenders and Potential Problems

In part 7 I show you how I mount the fenders and talk about the precautions you should take to make sure everything stays centered and there won’t be any bottoming out issues. I also show a potential suspension travel issue that came up.



How to Build a Utility Trailer Part 8 Ramp or Tailgate and Tail Lights Installation

It’s time to figure out the tailgate and/or ramp and how to mount the hinges. I go over some of the different ways to do hinges and also different ways to make the ramp. I will also show you just how simple it can be to make tail light brackets and install them too.



How to Build a Utility Trailer Part 9 Mounting Jack, Floor, Sides, and Completion

This is the final part of a 9 part series on building a utility trailer. I talk about mounting the jack and show how I installed the sheet metal on the floor and sides. I also show the finished product with paint and wiring. I hope you all enjoyed this series and actually got something out of it.

Need to see some pictures of the trailer? Try these photos.